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    Wednesday, January 10, 2007


    Ramon M Salizar

    Check it, the iPhone can actually record video.

    i dunno what all the fuss is anyways coz recording video is pretty useless to me. so whatever i dun care


    hi.. i jus got an iphone.. as all is said dat ders no video recording which is true.. der is no option for forwarding messages too.only reply or send.have to chek out more stuff which is not provided in the iphone..

    Alan A. Reiter

    Hi Ben,

    The iPhone syncs through iTunes. iTunes stores contact information, photos, browser bookmarks, etc. You sync your iPhone by inserting it into the cradle that connects to your computer's USB port.

    As far as I know you have to go through iTunes to transfer all operations and information on your computer. If I'm wrong, I'd certainly like to know. I don't have an iPhone so I'm not absolutely sure.


    does the phone/cell have a usb connection so i can transfer my data to the phone

    Alan A. Reiter

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I think it's disappointing that the iPhone doesn't have video recording capabilities either. I thought perhaps it could have been added at the last minute, but none of Apple's advertising videos show recording so I guess it won't be available.

    Many people find that they use their cellular phone's camera and video recording features more than they thought -- once they have it.

    The only hope is that because Apple intends to make the iPhone a major strategic segment of their business, new versions will be coming so video recording might be available in a later generation.

    Mark Gillis

    It's a bit of a disappointment for me to not have video recording capabilites on my phone. I never expected to really care about this feature before (given the limits of resolution) but when I got my Sony Ericsson Z520, I found that I use it more times than not.

    To have an expensive phone such as the iPhone without this feature is a deal-breaker for me. I will wait and see if they do provide for it at release (which is in 6 days) but I might check out the other phones listed in this thread instead.


    Thanks for the information on the lack of a video camera on the iPhone. That is USELESS to me. I was so excited to get the new phone but with no video capabilities, I won't be buying one!

    Jay Patell

    If the iPhone had a 3.2 MP or even better a 5 MP camera, (w/h 30 fps video) it would have been a serious competitor to the new Nokia N95. Since the iPhone and the N95 are in the same price range, I think the N95 blows the iPhone away.

    anthony video,camera sucks as well,was going to get it,but no thanks.they should have had this 2007 or 1978..peace

    Alan A. Reiter

    Hi Steve,

    Yes, it is incredible that the iPhone does not, at this writing, have video recording capability. But since virtually every camera phone component package offers video, there's certainly a chance Apple will offer this feature when it launches.

    Or perhaps it will be offered -- along with HSDPA -- in Europe. (I'd really like to know why HSDPA -- that's already in many major markets in the U.S. -- won't be available for the U.S. launch.)

    However, as I wrote, for cellular subscribers for whom the camera is important, there are many better choices than the iPhone, including Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

    Sony Ericsson's high end phones might produce photos that are a bit better than Nokia's N Series, and Nokia might produce better video than Sony Ericsson. Overall, though, both are far superior to what the initial specs are for the iPhone.

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