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    Monday, May 21, 2007



    i want the gold code.


    she dont know what phone to get..........

    Alan A. Reiter

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for writing. I have a few suggestions:

    1. Go to your cellular operator's Web site and see if the operator offers a more recent version of the Curve's operating system. If so, download and install it, after making sure to first back up all the phone's data! You may check the version of the Curve's OS by going to the "Options" section of the BlackBerry and clicking on the "About" page.

    2. Do NOT use the zoom! The digital zoom is more of a gimmick than a useful feature. The zoom is based on software and simply enlarges the image without increasing the amount of data it displays. In other words, it's like inking a picture on a balloon and blowing up the balloon. The picture's size increases as the balloon gets bigger, but it also gets fuzzier. No matter how fuzzy your photos are, using the zoom will make them worse.

    3. Check whether the lens is clean. Remove the Curve's cover to expose the lens and wipe the lens with a lens cloth to remove any dirt and dust.

    4. Photos could be clearer when you take them in good light. When you take photos in low lighting, the Curve might use a longer exposure time with a greater chance the handset will move and blur the photo.

    5. Make sure the camera's settings are set to "Large" for "Picture Size" and " Superfine" for "Picture Quality."

    6. Do not move the Curve until after the "Saving" is finished. I'm not sure about the Curve, but with some camera phones, the photo may be blurred if you move the camera while it's still being saved. That's because clicking the shutter button doesn't mean that the photo was taken ** immediately **.

    The Curve's two megapixel photo quality isn't bad, but it can't compare to some other camera phones with higher resolution lenses. I have a photo album for the Curve 8320 photos I've taken. For better or worse, these are the best I can do:

    And, finally, if you're still experiencing blurry photos, contact your cellular operator. Perhaps it needs to be repaired.


    Thanks for the info. My main problem with pics taken from my curve is that they are just blurry. I've taken many and work to hold it very, very steady but the faces of the subjects are blurred, some worse than others. I've tried taking the pics from afar, as well as zooming in a bit, but it doesn't help! What do you think is wrong?

    Alan A. Reiter

    Dr. Tebo,

    That shouldn't happen. The 8300 saves photos to one of two places -- its internal memory and a microSD card (if one is installed).

    When you're in camera mode you can push the BlackBerry's menu key (that's to the left of the trackball) and in "Options" you can see whether photos are saved to the internal memory or the card, and you may switch that.

    When you take a photo there are several icons below the photo, such as a trashcan icon to delete the photo you've just taken, an envelope to e-mail the photo, a camera icon to take another photo, etc.

    You may also use the menu key for "View Pictures" to see all the photos that are saved. You may also go to the main BlackBerry screen and click the "Media" icon where you may view all your photos (as well as music, etc.).

    When you are in the "View Pictures" mode you should be able to easily delete photos, either by pressing the BlackBerry's delete key or using the menu key and selecting "Delete."

    If you can't save photos to the internal memory it's possible that the memory is too full with applications, music, other photos, etc. and you need to delete some before you may save photos.

    If your 8300 can't save photos or delete them, you need to contact your cellular operator's customer support.

    Dr Tebo

    Blackberry 8300, camera will take pic but will not allow to save and picture cannot be deleted?

    Any suggestions

    Alan A. Reiter

    AT&T/Cingular now offers the 8300 and the code is "gold" (i.e., commercia). T-Mobile does not yet sell the 8300. There are rumors the T-Mobile version will include WiFi, but those are just rumors.

    The gold code I have was obtained from RIM because I am an analyst evaluating the handset. The code I have isn't available to the general public.

    Jesse Myers

    Where can I get the "Gold" code for the 8300?

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