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    Monday, May 28, 2007


    Account Deleted

    There are battery issues, but apart from that It is just amazing I have no complains. Its picture, video quality is best and very easy access to net.


    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for pointing out that advertising spam. I always get notices of comments, but I guess I didn't take care of it immediately and forgot about it. I erased it as soon as I read your comment.

    I'm glad you were able to find out the problem with your N95. By the way, there's a firmware update for the N95. You might want to check it out, if you haven't already done so.

    Kevin Lenard

    Dear Allan,

    You might want to erase that ad immediately above, if for no other reason than sending a message about this kind of piggyback abuse.

    I discovered the problem with my focus lock (the green vs. red focus indicator on the N95) when a friend bought one and I was finally able to compare unit to unit. The focus on my N95 is broken and gives blurry results on distant shots unless pre-focus-locked on a subject closer to camera.

    Cheers, Kevin

    Alan A. Reiter

    Hi Kevin,

    As I wrote, I miss an optical zoom, too.

    As a matter of course I shoot photos at the highest resolution the camera phone or digital camera will allow, in great part because I like cropping and the more pixels the greater the leeway for cropping.

    As for making sure the focus indicator is green, that's certainly a good idea. However, I have found that even when it's red -- and I'm really not sure why it doesn't turn green -- the photos often come out fine.

    The N95 isn't known for good battery life and purchasing an extra battery makes a lot of sense.

    Kevin Lenard

    I've been testing the camera on the unit i bought and found that, without optical zoom it was necessary to keep it on 5 mp to allow for cropping. I also found it necessary to always secure a green focus-lock frame within the frame (not red) before shooting to ensure both accurate focus and exposure.

    To work around the battery life problem I simply bought a second battery which I swap out and recharge when the alternate is dead, then switch back to the partially used one. This way I always have a full battery back up.

    I also bought a slightly oversized belt pouch that carrys the phone, extra battery and hands-free headset in the space at the end.

    Alan A. Reiter

    Hi Patrick,

    Yep, you're absolutely correct. The N95 has only a digital zoom. I have corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out.

    (No matter how many times I proofread a weblog article I all too often make mistakes.)

    As for the N95's battery issues, that's also a problem. I haven't done battery testing but it doesn't seem to last as long as some other phones.

    During one photo session I took around 60 - 70 photos (I don't remember the exact number) with the N95 and the battery died after about three hours of shooting.

    patrick dodds

    I think the sentence above should read "has a digital zoom, but who uses that!?"
    Thanks for the review - looks a great camera / phone combo though I've heard it has battery issues?

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